is pure romance a pyramid scheme: Is Pure Romance a pyramid scheme? Or a reliable source of income?

is pure romance a pyramid scheme: Is Pure Romance a pyramid scheme? Or a reliable source of income?

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While affiliated sellers are encouraged to build up a downstream to increase their income, there are actual products for sale. That means that sellers don’t have to worry about bringing on new sellers in order to make money–if they know how to sell products at a steady, rapid rate. For them, pure romance is very important.Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us.And the MLM system here has a lot of people who can do it at home, so they can make money. I look at the compensation plan and the income disclosure statement to determine if an mlm is a pyramid scheme.


Glassdoor has 259 Pure Romance reviews submitted anonymously by Pure Romance employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Pure Romance is right for you. Choose a different language and keep reading other reviews. You are going to be chastised and told you aren’t a Christian if you dare speak out and/or criticize the company. That creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for women.

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If you ask me,affiliate marketingis the best way to make money by promoting and selling other people’s products. Pure Romance is legit, reliable, safe, and not a scam and pyramid scheme. They are actually all about money, and you only earn more money and move up once you get more girls to join. Most of the people above you only want you so they get money like my upline did. The products are just like other companies they just put their logo on them. I would say a 100% it’s a pyramid scheme coming from someone who sold it and now is stuck with thousands in inventory.

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Your friend is eagerly waiting that you buy her products and if you don’t she is disappointed. Making money with Pure Romance is all about hosting “parties”, where you will able to sell products and recruit in new consultants. Hosting parties will be the foundation of the business. Have you been asked to join Pure Romance by a consultant? Or maybe you saw someone trying to get people to join on Facebook or something like that? There are a lot of questions swirling around this company from all the consultants out there that are recruiting other people to join them as consultants.

How to Join Pure Romance

Another way is after you refer someone that person will automatically become your downline and this how works. You can earn overrides from your downlines which are the percentage commissions from the total sales of your downline. Because if not, there is a chance that you will be inactive and need to process another membership fee to regain your active status. Yes, you are correct there is an MLM company that sells this kind of product wherein you can earn extra money as you sign up and join their company. With this unbiased review, I will let you know everything about Pure Romance. I will answer people’s questions like, is Pure Romance legit?

Over 90% of Pure Romance distributors made less than $200 in 2019 if you deduct the Pure Romance starter kits, party, and other marketing-related expenses. Pure Romance Consultants make money by organizing in-home parties to educate and entertain women with the latest sexual health products and the hottest bedroom accessories. Remember, if you buy these kits after being recruited by an active Pure Romance consultant, this person makes commissions and bonuses. Making money from home is a dream for many people, and multi-level marketing businesses are often seen as the way to do it. In this Pure Romance MLM review, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from this company and whether or not it’s a good opportunity.

Can you make a reliable income from Pure Romance?

And there was nowhere a consultant could go to complain and/or vent. There is a group for consultants, but only positive things are allowed to be said. Out there that targets stay-at-home wives and mothers looking for quick cash, an emotional support system, and — perhaps most of all — empowerment. Patty Brisben, a former pediatrician’s assistant, founded the company Slumber Parties in Loveland, Ohio in 1993. Her business used contract salespeople to sell sex toys, lotions, and massage oils by throwing parties at home. As the business progressed, it would eventually be renamed Pure Romance in 2003.

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New consultants would probably try to recruit their loved ones, friends, or acquaintances first. For any consultant to earn a reliable and higher income, they have to improve their personal volume. The commission percentage is depended on their rankings, which they could earn for up to four levels deep. Additionally, you have to ensure that they are purchasing at least $200 worth of Pure Romance products.

Reviews by Job Title

Since inception, Pure Romance has grown into a global company with over 30,000 consultants participating in their network marketing system. Here The Finance Guy, we believe you can’t make money with MLM, but we’ll go ahead with this full review of Pure Romance. The people who joined early on are making the profit while most other people are just wasting their time and money.


Pure Romance might be legit under the law, but I don’t invest based on the laws. It is not an opportunity for you to achieve your financial goal or dream. Because only a small group of consultants, 1.8%, made over $100,000 with Pure Romance. You must pay attention to the monthly Active and Qualified Expenses. Pure Romance requires all Consultants to maintain an active and qualified status. You can also visit the company to request a local Pure Romance consultant near you.

#2 30-60% commissions

It can be especially hard for people with no marketing or sales background. Of course, there are no guarantees that all of them would sign up. Pushing the business opportunity would even cause annoyance and resentment among you and your loved ones. As mentioned, one way to do it is through retail sales. But you won’t go anywhere if you solely depend on retail sales.

  • You simply earn from buying a starter kit which will cost between $159, $319, or $479.
  • For instance, new members in a particular state or country might attend one of the first gatherings to promote an MLM business and people start to jump on the opportunity.
  • Though the company is adamant that they are NOT a pyramid scheme, it still works very much like the pyramid model.
  • I am now self-employed and run my online affiliate business from the comfort of my home or wherever I want to.
  • Director of Technology is the highest paying job at Pure Romance at $130,000 annually.
  • In doing so, they benefit experienced recruiters with the marketing skills and the audience to refer many people.

She had bought a product labeled as 100% natural only to find out after using it that it was not. Women also make a large percentage of their affiliate network. Also, AARP Foundation-sponsored research on the effect and impact of MLM in the life of people in the USA. It is the 21st century; it is exceedingly difficult for you to make money with Pure Romance MLM job opportunities. You need to know that I am not affiliated, nor am I a Pure Romance Consultant.

Pure Romance was accredited by the Better Business Bureau on26th of January 2010. Also, Pure Romance is also rated with an A+ BBB review rating. Accreditation implies that Pure Romance has committed to putting a system in place to handle and resolve customer service issues and complaints. Most of these reviews were complaints about defective products. If you are comfortable talking about sex, helping other people make their sex lives exciting, and desire to make a passive income off that. It contains everything in the Standard kit with 4 of their best-selling bedroom accessories and costs $399.

Remember that an is pure romance a pyramid scheme Pure Romance consultant earns commissions and bonuses if you purchase these packages after being recruited by them. Also, they may still be a pyramid scheme because they are more focused on recruitment than selling the actual products. Pure Romance is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) that specializes in selling adult products and sexual health education.

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